So, you decided that you wanted to be able to help people and opted for a home health career. Congratulations! To help ensure that you start out on the right foot, here are five tips to help you in your new career:

Tip #1: Always Focus on Your Client's Needs.

As a home health worker, your job is to focus solely on your client's needs and no one else's. In fact, it is best if you can anticipate their needs before they even need something. Ultimately, though, your goal is to make sure that you are meeting their needs by providing them with showers, meals, exercises, etc. – whatever it is that they are in need of.

Tip #2: Always Show Respect.

You also want to ensure that you are always respectful. This does not only refer to your client, it refers to their possessions, their home, as well as anyone that is living with them or visiting them. Some people like for you to take your shoes off when you enter their home, so make sure that you find out if this is something that they prefer. You also want to be respectful of their privacy when they are on the phone, in the bathroom, etc.

Tip #3: Do Be Punctual.

You need to make sure that when you have a shift that you are there and on time. Your clients depend solely on you for their care. If you don't show up, then they not only worry about you, but they find themselves in a huge bind. If there is an emergency that keeps you from your shift, make sure that your client or agency is notified so that arrangements can be made.

Tip #4: Take the Time to Learn About Your Client.

It doesn't matter whether you are going to be with your client for a short period of time or not, it is very important that you take the time to learn about them. You need to know their medical history, including the past and current illnesses, the past and current disabilities, etc. You also need to know if they have a DNR and who to contact in case of an emergency. This way, if there is a medical emergency, you are fully equipped to handle it.

Tip #5: Do Your Best to Make Your Client Happier.

In many cases, when you first go into a client's home, they will be unhappy. This may be due to the fact that they are lonely and have very limited contact with the outside world. For some, you may actually be the only person that they talk to, the only one who provides care to them, and the only one who makes them feel good/better. Therefore, take pride in the care that you provide to them no matter how difficult some days may be and continue to challenge yourself to put smiles on all of your clients' faces. 

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