When you're arranging in-home care for a member of your family, the health agency representative who handles your call will want to know what types of service you're looking for. Some people who need in-home care require nursing care — for example, someone to administer medication, change bandages, and perform other similar services. Others require personal care, which can include help with dressing and grooming. Another form of person care that you can arrange is homemaking care. Here are some specific services that you can get from this type of caregiver.

Keeping The House Clean

When someone lives on his or her own but is aging, upkeep of the house may not be as easy as it once was. This could result in the person living in an environment that is unclean and, in severe cases, unsafe. If you specifically request homemaking services from your home health agency, one of the services that your family member can receive is help with keeping the house clean. The aide can vacuum, dust, scrub, and perform a long list of other cleaning tasks that will allow your loved one to live in a clean and tidy environment.

Cooking Meals

A home health aide who offers homemaking services can also take care of preparing all of the daily meals for your loved one. This person can arrive at the home prior to mealtime or, depending on what other home care services your family member needs, the aide may simply live with your family member and prepare meals at the appointed times. Home health aides who specialize in homemaking services are acutely aware of the dietary needs that many seniors face. This means that the aide can ensure that your loved one is eating meals and snacks that are conducive to his or her health, which can ease your mind.

Local Transportation

An elderly person who no longer drives may need to take public transportation to medical appointments and other engagements, but you may be concerned about your loved one being out on his or her own. A home health aide who specializes in homemaking services can play the role of chauffeur, transporting the client wherever he or she needs. This service is valuable because a reliable health professional will ensure that your loved one gets to medical appointments — of which there can be many — on time. The aide may even be able to sit in on the appointment to decipher what the medical professional is saying.