Moving to a senior living center, whether it's an assisted living center or an independent living community, can be a big life transition. Making new friends and social connections can play a key role in how comfortable you feel in this new home. Here are a few strategies you can use to get social and meet new people in the community.

Eat In The Dining Room

You may prefer to take meals in your apartment, but having at least one meal a day in the shared dining room gives you a chance to interact with your neighbors and start meaningful conversations. Consider taking a different meal in the dining room each day to meet even more people, and consider making plans to share meals with people who share your common interests.

Use The Exercise Facilities

Keeping up a daily exercise routine can keep you in great physical shape, but it can also provide you with additional opportunities to connect with new people. If your facility offers classes, such as swimming or yoga, sign up for one. This gives you the chance to see the same people each class so you can begin to build friendships.

Fill Your Activity Calendar

Many senior living centers offer regular community activities, such as bingo or shuffleboard. Ask for a copy of each month's calendar, and circle the activities you are interested in. Make it a point to do something new every month, and focus on having fun. You'll naturally meet others who are there to enjoy the same activities, and this can give you the foundation to start new friendships.

Go On Field Trips

Field trips aren't just for young school students. Many assisted living centers and senior living communities offer planned outings that give you a chance to get out and do exciting things. These activities might range from local sporting events to trips to a nearby casino. Some facilities even offer overnight trips to nearby tourist destinations. Make friends with the person sitting next to you on the bus, or plan to spend time with some of the people you have met at other social activities in the community.

You don't have to spend your days feeling lonely in a new home. Look for other ways to build your social circle, and enjoy more of the time you spend in your new home. You may just find a whole community of like-minded people who want to spend time with you.