Home care makes it much easier to keep a loved one at home. But what mix of home care is right for your family, with so many different care plans and providers available? Here's how you can go through the process of choosing care providers and schedules. 

Have a Talk About Care Needs

Your loved is a good source of information. They might have some daily tasks that they are particularly struggling with. Home care aides can prepare meals, clean, help with bathing, and go grocery shopping. A visit once or twice per day could significantly lighten the load. Some aides may just stop by a few times per week to deliver groceries and clean. 

There are many more needs that your loved one may have that they are not addressing with you directly; that's why a direct talk is only part of the intel you need to make an good decision about home care. 

Assess Hidden Needs

Use your own eyes and judgement to detect whether there are other needs your loved one has. Maybe they aren't being honest about how well they are doing taking care of themselves; it's common for an aging parent to need more help than what they suggest. We all have our pride as adults. Consider whether the house is in disarray, or your loved one's hygiene could be better, or whether their fridge is stocked with fresh food.

Company could be another hidden need. Maybe your parent only needs a little help with maintaining their home, but they really could use someone to talk to more often. That's a fine reason to hire a home care aide, especially if you live far away. 

There may also be emerging medical needs that your parent has. A home care aide can do a little bit of health monitoring, especially if they have some training in geriatric care. But definitely get a doctor's opinion to see if you need to add any additional care providers to the mix. 

What Other Care Providers Are Available?

Your parent's doctor will perhaps recommend some specialists to deliver home visits. For example, physical therapy and rehabilitation services might be helpful. This is very common after an aging parent experiences a fall, and it's designed to keep them mobile within their home. Skilled nursing may be necessary for delivering medications. Each person will have a mix of service areas to focus on, so getting the full account from your loved one, yourself, and your loved one's doctor is important when picking the right care providers.