If there is an elderly loved one in your life living alone, it's definitely something to pay attention to. While you may find that they have an independent spirit, you never know when one day this could slip. Luckily, it's not a complete shot in the dark trying to determine whether or not your loved one is in need of home care services. There are plenty of signs that indicate it's time to start looking into home care services, which includes:

  1. Disheveled Appearance or Home: This isn't always made so clear if your elderly loved one hasn't much cared for their own appearance or the appearance of their home, but it's definitely obvious if your loved one used to previously clean daily and shower and is no longer doing so. This is a definite alarm that it's time to look for some home care services. Even if the person never much cared before, you might notice small changes in their appearance. For example, if they at least wore clean clothes everyday, but are no longer doing this or even wearing the same outfit, then it's a bit concerning. 
  2. Increased Falling: If your loved one has recently started falling in their regular day-to-day tasks in the home or the number of falls they are taking has increased, you definitely want someone there 24/7. Any fall can potentially be serious and even lead to your loved one not being able to get up or there's a possibility of a broken bone, as well. Either way, it's definitely something you want your elderly loved one to avoid. 
  3. Increased Weight Loss: If you notice an excess amount of weight loss in your loved one, chances are, they aren't eat a proper diet. This could either be because of the inability to cook at home, get out to eat, or even getting out to buy groceries. With home care services, the groceries and meals can be taken care of for your loved one so that you aren't left wondering whether or not your loved one has eaten at all during the day. 
  4. Increased Depression: If your loved one is appearing to be depressed or even expresses loneliness, then home care services might be the right path to take. This provides some companionship in your loved one's life, as well as the feeling of being cared for, which can keep depressed moods at bay. 

When you look out for these four signs, you can be better aware of when home care services might just be necessary in your loved one's life. Visit a site like wayshomecare.com for help.