If your aging loved one needs help with the tasks of daily living but still wants to live in their own home, then these tips will help you assist them with this plan.

Tip: Sort and Order Medications Each Week

If your loved one has dementia issues or is otherwise no longer able to take charge of their daily medications, then you should purchase some pill containers and sort their medications each week. Buy pill containers that are designed to be used for an entire week and divided into three daily doses.

Sit down each week on the same day and sort out all of their medications and place them into the container. This task allows you to keep your loved one's medications straight and it also gives you the opportunity to order any medications they are running low on with plenty of lead time.

Tip: Remove All Area Rugs and Other Tripping Hazards from the Home

One of the most common injuries that seniors being cared for in their own homes suffer from is a broken hip from a fall. While you cannot remove stairs and many other structural trip-and-fall hazards, you absolutely should remove any area rugs or clutter on the floor. 

If you are concerned about water on the bathroom floor when showering, then put down a rug during bathing and remove it when finished.  

Tip: Make Sure Your Loved One has Socialization Opportunities

Since your loved one's mental health is just as important as their physical health, it's important you offer them as many socialization opportunities as possible. People who live in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living complexes have many opportunities for socialization, while those who are cared for at home often lack these occasions. So, it is important that you go out of your way to schedule visits and outings. 

Tip: Proactively Avoid Scammers and Criminals by Using a Home Health Agency

Finally, it is important to note that older people often have a hard time discerning between people who genuinely want to help care for them and those who want access to their homes simply to steal money or belongings. For this reason, rather than hiring a private individual for in-home care, instead, always use a home health care agency. Home care agencies do background checks, and drug testing on their employees and this keeps out the scammers and brings high-quality caregivers into your loved ones home.

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