Bringing in someone to help with an elderly relative that is struggling with memory issues can be beneficial all the way around. It's hard to know exactly how to deal with an individual who has bouts where they forget who you are and the guilt that can arise after a particularly angry outburst is often hard to live with. In-home memory care is especially helpful for your ailing relative because there will be a trained professional there to work with them throughout the day as they navigate their daily routine. Finding the right person for the job is high on your list of priorities, so you really want to get it done correctly the first time. Read through the information that follows to gain a few tips to assist you in your search for an in-home memory care aide.

Are They Trained In Basic First Aid Techniques?

If your loved one is still rather cognizant and doesn't suffer from any additional health issues you might not think it's very important to hire an actual nurse. You are content to have an aide there who can do things such as take your family member to the grocery store or pharmacy, perform light exercises, or just serve as a general companion to fill in those gaps when you are busy with work or other responsibilities.

However, even if the client is healthy as an ox, it's still important for the aide to know how to perform basic first aid procedures. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and knowledge of how to do the Heimlich maneuver are two important skills for anyone to possess. A medical emergency can come out of the blue, so it's best to have someone on hand who can handle these types of situations with professionalism until trained medical personnel arrive.

Do You Work With An Agency?

Although there are some in-home memory care aides who work on an individual basis, you might wonder what would happen if they needed to take time off. Do they have a reputable person to fill in for them until they return? This is an important consideration because you wouldn't want to make plans with the aide in mind only for them to become sick or unavailable when you need them the most.

Hiring an in-home memory care aide can truly brighten up your household. Remember these considerations while conducting your search so that you can make the most ideal choice.